ACIGA Members

ACIGA involves the collaboration of several institutions throughout Australia. Follow the links to find out more information about the research of each institution, employment opportunities, research scholarships and publications.

The Australian National University The Australian National University

  • Advanced interferometer configurations and control systems
  • Detector installation and commissioning
  • Quantum Non-Demolition
  • Squeezed light for Advanced detectors
  • Data analysis and signal searches
  • Relativity/Cosmology

Contact Prof. David McClelland

University of Western Australia The University of Western Australia

  • Suspensions and isolation systems
  • Sapphirre test mass development
  • High Optical Power Test Facility (HOPTF - Gingin, W.A.) Management
  • Data analysis and source modelling
  • Pulsar Timing

Contact Prof. Linqing Wen

University of Adelaide The University of Adelaide

  • Wavefront control in Advanced interferometers
  • High-precision Hartmann wavefront sensors and beam profilers
  • Advanced phase cameras
  • Adaptive wavefront control
  • High power near-IR lasers for next-generation detectors
  • Multi-messenger astronomy

Contact A/Prof. Peter Veitch

Monash University Monash University

  • Gravitational waves from neutron stars
  • Astrophysical observations of candidate GW sources
  • Cosmological and astrophysical stochastic GW backgrounds
  • Detector Characterisation
  • Quantum and thermal noise calculations
  • The Gravitational-wave Optical Transient Observer (GOTO) project
  • Pulsar timing arrays for GW detection

Contact Dr. Eric Thrane

The University of Melbourne The University of Melbourne

  • Theory of gravitational wave sources
  • Theory of neutron star magnetic fields and superfluid interiors
  • LIGO data analysis targeting continuous-wave sources
  • Signal processing algorithm development
  • Multi-messenger astronomy
  • Pulsar timing array theory
  • Gravitational wave signatures in the cosmic microwave background

Contact Dr. Andrew Melatos

Charles Sturt University Charles Sturt University - Wagga Wagga

  • Gravitational waves data analysis.

Contact Dr. Philip Charlton

CSIRO) Australian Centre for Precision Optics (CSIRO)

  • Polishing and coating of interferometer test masses.

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